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Seven Best Pool Deck Materials to Choose From

by | Feb 10, 2023

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Are you planning an outdoor hardscaping project that includes a pool renovation or installation but unsure which pool deck materials to use? Below, our experts at Classic Marcite, one of the most respected pool deck resurfacing contractors in Orlando, Florida, outline the advantages of each of the most common options so homeowners can enjoy their pools in comfort and safety for many years.

What Do You Need From a Good Pool Deck Material?

The first step in choosing from a range of available pool deck materials is to decide what you want from your pool deck. Every pool owner has different needs and expectations. The right pool deck for you will be the one that suits your lifestyle.

When exploring material options, consider the following factors:


A pool deck that looks stunning on the final walkthrough will not provide a return on your investment if it is worn, faded, and chipped in a year or two. The lifespan of a pool deck depends on how often you use the pool, the weather conditions, and the amount of maintenance. A pool deck that would be fine for occasional swimming might not stand up to frequent pool parties or families with want active children. 

Slip Resistance

Pool deck materials can become slippery, especially when they get wet. The danger of slips and falls near water can be a concern, especially when children, seniors, or anyone with mobility limitations uses the pool.

Cost Effectiveness

Installing and maintaining a pool costs money. A pool deck can be a perfect complement to a stylish, elegant pool, but some of the pricier deck materials might seem out of reach for some pool owners.


Whether or not you use your pool on any particular day, it can set the stage for family gatherings and be the focal point of your landscaping and hardscaping. Choose pool deck materials that match your home decor and the overall aesthetic you want for your pool.

Types of Pool Deck Materials and Their Pros and Cons

Imagine each of these pool deck materials around your finished, immaculate pool. Add deck chairs, tables, and a fire pit or outdoor kitchen for quiet afternoons or late-night parties.

1. Brick

A brick pool deck is an excellent option for homeowners with brickwork on their home exteriors, gardens, or lawn features. Brick is economical, particularly in the Southeast, due to the proximity of high-quality clay.in many shades and colors. Brick is also easy to clean, but it can be slippery when wet and is prone to developing moss and algal growth.

2. Concrete

Concrete’s main advantages are its strength, durability, and moldability. You can form sweeping curves and sleek architectural features with poured concrete or stamped concrete.

However, concrete can chip and stain. Unbroken concrete sheets can crack if the ground shifts underneath them or the temperature changes. A professional designer can include elements in the deck design that prevent cracking.

3. Pavers

Individual pavers are easy to install and are less vulnerable to cracking compared to concrete. They are available in various styles and colors, with attractive designs. If you like the look of stone or concrete but want a richer, more complex look made from multiple interlocking pieces, consider stone or concrete pavers.

However, if the ground settles or is not level, the pavers can become uneven. Someone could trip over the exposed edge of a paver.

4. PVC

PVC is flexible and durable and comes in many attractive patterns, including designs that imitate the look of natural stone, wood, and tile. PVC decking is an expensive option, but its low maintenance cost can offset the relatively high initial expenses.

5. Stone

A stone pool deck is an appealing option for homeowners with stone retaining walls, steps, patios, or other features. The stonework is relatively expensive but durable and low maintenance. 

6. Tile

Tile is a durable and attractive option that could reinforce the design concept of the entire house, particularly if you already have a tile roof or plan to upgrade to one.

7. Wood and Wood Composite

Lightweight wood pool decks are ideal for above-ground pools. Wooden decks can capture the natural feel of a boardwalk, pier, or rustic lakeside dock.

One drawback, however, is that wood absorbs moisture unless you maintain it properly and treat it with sealant. Without maintenance, a wooden deck can become a safety hazard due to splinters and the danger of rotten planks giving way.

Wood composite decks contain some wood layers for a natural look with synthetic materials for durability and resistance to rot. Wood composite decks typically cost more than natural wood decking.

General Tips for Choosing Pool Deck Materials and Designs

Many homeowners find that no single material is a clear frontrunner. Weigh the options carefully. Whichever pool deck materials you use, keep the following safety and design considerations in mind:

  • Include slip-resistant textures or materials around the pool to prevent someone from falling into the pool or hitting their head on the deck.
  • Consider how the pool deck materials will look dry, wet, in the shade, and in sunlight.
  • If your pool deck will receive exposure to the Florida sun, avoid dark colors that absorb heat so that your guests don’t burn the soles of their feet.
  • Before giving up on your dream pool, ask about discounts and financing options that might keep your project under budget.

When you work with a professional installation company, go over these issues and any concerns about the process before committing to a pool deck project. Your installation technician can help you navigate the options until you find one that completely satisfies you.

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