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Infinity Pool vs. Regular Pool: What Are the Differences

by | Feb 17, 2023

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Homeowners planning to install a pool have multiple types to choose from. Two of the hottest pools to install right now are regular above or in-ground pools and infinity pools. When considering the difference between an infinity pool vs. a regular pool, you should first know the definition of each, so you have a baseline understanding.

Regular Pools

Standard pools include in-ground and above-ground pools, commonly seen at homes throughout the country. From DIY set-ups to customized in-ground options, regular pools vary widely in design, shape, and size.

Infinity Pools

If you want the ultimate pool experience, consider an infinity pool for backyards. Infinity pools use a negative edge, forcing the appearance that the pool has no end and the water level meets the sky. Many homeowners opt for infinity pools to boost their pool experience.

Now that you understand the basic definitions of regular pools and infinity pools let’s look at their differences.

Materials and Installation

Standard pools can come from retail chains or specialized pool stores. Above-ground options include short-use versions and long-term models, depending on your budget and style wishes, with easy and quick installation. In-ground pools take longer to install but typically have a well-defined edge around them with a concrete border to keep your landscaping from invading the water.

Because of the significant design difference between an infinity pool vs. a regular pool, it shouldn’t surprise you that the materials for infinity edge pools require a more experienced installer to handle them. You may not have access to the right materials to DIY an infinity pool, so contact a professional pool company to build it for you.

Pool Maintenance

Regular pools require easy maintenance by mixing the right chemicals like chlorine and algaecide. You’ll also need to vacuum, scrub down the walls and floors, and clean the filter, but so long as you keep a regular schedule, you can keep your above or in-ground pool clean.

Meanwhile, the nature of infinity pools makes them more vulnerable to water contamination. More time, care, and costly materials go into maintaining a clean and clear infinity pool.

Cost of Installation

We will use the average cost of materials and installation to best discuss this difference between an infinity pool vs. regular pool.

The average cost of installing a standard pool hovers around $17,000. Above-ground pools cost less than in-ground pools, but the bigger or deeper the pool, the higher the price.

Infinity pools start at $30,000 and increase depending on accessory add-ons. Additionally, these pools require a catch basin beneath the pool and a system that transports spillover water back into your first pool, essentially requiring two pools for one.

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