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Pebble Pool Finish: Is It Worth It?

by | Feb 3, 2023

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Pebble pool finish is a trendy design feature for swimming pools that comes in many styles and pebble size types to complement various natural and synthetic pool deck materials. If you are remodeling and resurfacing your pool, imagine how it will look with a pebble pool finish. Visit our gallery for inspiration and get to know your options before finalizing your pool renovation project.

If you are interested in pebble pool finishes, this article has everything you need to know.

What Is a Pebble Pool Finish?

A pebble pool finish is a type of pool resurfacing that uses small pebbles instead of other materials, like plaster, to create a different, more natural beauty and texture. The pebble pool finish is a mixture of cement and pebbles. Once the pebble finish hardens, it has a rougher texture and appearance than concrete or plaster.

Pebble finish costs more than other pool finishes. The precise cost of pebble pool finish depends on the material in the pebbles and the size of the pool.

Advantages of a Pebble Pool Finish

You can order a pebble pool finish in many colors, styles, and pebble sizes. The variety of options gives you the flexibility to match the floor’s interior to the pool deck and the surrounding landscape. 

A clear advantage of pebble pool finish is the natural look and feel of fine pebbles. Many homeowners want the feel of a beach or oasis when they wade into their pools and a look that evokes a tropical seashore rather than a bare floor and walls.

Disadvantages of a Pebble Pool Finish

When determining if a pebble pool finish is worth it, you must consider the pros as well as the cons.

Before ordering a pebble pool finish for your pool, choose a combination of pebble size and material that you are comfortable with. Some pool owners resurface their pools with pebble pool finishes that are too coarse. Additionally, some people find the feel of natural pebbles not to their liking.

You must pay close attention to pool maintenance if you have a pebble pool finish to avoid mineral deposits called scale from forming on your pool surfaces. If your pool develops substantial deposits, you might have to drain the pool to descale the surface.

Deciding on a Pool Finish

Once you’ve decided that a pebble pool finish is a good option, review all your color options carefully. Feel the surfaces and have your family do the same. If you have children who will swim in the pool, make sure they like the finish beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Plan Your Top-Quality Pebble Pool Finish with Classic Marcite

At Classic Marcite, we proudly sell and install high-quality pebble pool finish from Pebble Tec®, a stellar company offering a wide variety of styles. Discover more exciting residential pool resurfacing options and dive into the exciting possibilities. Call our Classic Marcite team at (407) 521-6260 to discuss pebble pool finishing with an experienced representative today.

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