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What Is a Backyard Infinity Pool?

by | Feb 24, 2023

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A backyard infinity pool brings the beauty of the surrounding landscape right to the water’s edge, creating the illusion of floating with the horizon. Constructing an infinity pool requires more complex engineering and time, but the results can transform a backyard into a luxurious oasis. 

As pool deck resurfacing contractors in Orlando, FL, the Classic Marcite team wants to help you decide if an infinity pool is suitable for your backyard. Below, we’ll explain what an infinity pool is, how it works, and the most important things to consider before construction. 

What Is an Infinity Pool and How Does It Work?

Infinity pools, also called infinity edge pools or vanishing edge pools, feature one or more sides or sections where the water flows over the wall’s edge. Many resorts and luxury hotels use this edgeless pool design to capitalize on spectacular views of the surrounding city or landscape, and homeowners worldwide have adopted it to do the same. 

Infinity pools feature two water basins: the main pool and the catch basin below the vanishing edge. Water from the main pool flows over the infinity edge and into the catch basin, where it pumps back up into the primary pool. This constant flow of water creates a waterfall effect that looks beautiful while filling the backyard with calming waterfall sounds.  

Three Things to Consider Before Building an Infinity Pool

An infinity pool may not be the best option for every homeowner or backyard. Consider the following before you commit to the construction of a backyard infinity pool:

1. Location and Property

For an infinity pool to work properly, your backyard must feature an elevation change of at least a few feet. The pool must slope downward for the water to flow effectively over the edge and into the smaller pool below, and a relatively flat backyard may not have enough of a downgrade. Properties on hillsides work great, as do many mountain properties.

When building an infinity pool, the goal is to take advantage of a drop-off with a gorgeous view, so the best properties will back up toward ponds, lakes, rivers, city skylines, and other beautiful surroundings. An infinity pool won’t be worth it if you have a flat, fenced-in backyard.  

2. Cost and Construction Time

Even a simple rectangular infinity pool design can cost an average of 20 to 50% more than a standard pool, and it requires more time to build. Vanishing edge pools involve much more engineering, especially if the property has an extremely steep slope or a challenging soil composition. The pool builders must ensure structural stability and install each component correctly for the pool to function well. 

Before you commit to your infinity pool build, consider your property and budget. You may pay significantly more for construction if your backyard sits atop rocky terrain or has a very steep slope. Your pool build will also take longer compared to a standard pool, increasing overall labor costs.

If you want to bring the stunning look of an infinity pool to your backyard with a modest budget, consider a vanishing section or corner rather than an entire wall. Opting for a smaller infinity edge may help you lower the overall costs of your pool build. 

3. Added Maintenance

Since infinity pools feature complicated designs, they require more maintenance than standard pools. Taking care of a basic rectangular pool requires testing the water chemistry, cleaning it, and adding water as it evaporates. Meanwhile, maintenance for an infinity pool includes the additional tasks of cleaning the catch basin, clearing clogged lines, and maintaining the water pump and filter.

Vanishing edges also cause increased evaporation, so you must refill the pool more often than a standard pool. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Infinity Pools

Are Infinity Pools Safe?

Although the disappearing edge creates the illusion of infinite water, there is a wall on the back border of the pool that you won’t swim over by accident. However, many infinity pools feature significant dropdowns to the catch basin below, so neither children nor adults should climb on the vanishing edge of a backyard infinity pool. 

Hotels and resorts with rooftop infinity pools often enforce strict rules that forbid swimmers from so much as lifting themselves at the edge. For example, Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel features a rooftop infinity pool more than 50 stories high and takes safety very seriously. 

How Much Does an Infinity Pool Cost?

Home Advisor says the costs for these beautiful pools typically fall between $55,000 and $130,000, with an average of $80,000. The actual cost of your infinity pool will depend on the pool size, property slope and soil type, and engineering requirements. We recommend talking to a pool building company with experience constructing infinity pools for a more specific cost estimate. 

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