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5 Ideas For A Pool in a Small Backyard

by | Apr 14, 2023

So, you’ve decided you want to build a pool. The problem is, you have a small yard. Not to worry, though—building a pool compatible with a small yard is 100% doable if you think creatively.

The team at Classic Marcite is here to discuss five great ideas for a pool in a small backyard. These suggestions can help you make the most of your yard space. With a little ingenuity, a pool in a small backyard can be just as enjoyable as one in a larger yard.

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  1. Experiment With Shapes

Traditional pools have a simple rectangle shape, but yours can be unique. Smaller yards might have uncommon dimensions and angles, which you can use when building your pool. Consider having your pool follow your property line edge—contours and all. 

Taking full advantage of your yard’s quirks lets you create attractive, unique pool layouts and maximize the available outdoor space. You’ll have a pool literally unlike any other. 

  1. Shallow Is Better

For smaller yards, a shallower ground pool is the better option. Deeper pools need more space so the floor can gently slope to the maximum depth. A maximum depth of four to five feet removes the need for a long slope and creates a more compact yet comfortable small swimming pool. 

Additionally, shallower pools are generally safer, require less water, cost less to heat, and are more environmentally-friendly due to fewer potentially toxic cleaning chemicals.  

  1. Integrate With the Pool Deck

The pool and deck orientation are essential components of your yard’s layout. Contrary to traditional design, the pool deck does not have to surround the entire structure. It can rest on one side while the opposite pool wall sidles up to the property line. 

Additionally, you can integrate deck features into the shallow end, such as a tanning ledge or seating spot. Some homeowners integrate an entire hot tub into the pool/deck layout to save even more space. 

  1. Embrace Minimalism

One of the best ideas for a pool in a small backyard is to embrace minimalistic design principles fully. Bare concrete walls and minimal foliage in your yard reduce clutter and make the space seem bigger. You also do not have to worry about decorative trim or tiling if you opt for a more minimalist bent. 

  1. Get a Swim Jet

If you like to swim laps but have a small yard, there is a compromise. Swim jets pump large volumes of water in a single direction, allowing you to swim in place. Your contractor can install a swim jet so you can get the complete swimming experience even with a small swimming pool. 

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