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Should Your Pool Cover Be On or Off During a Rain?

by | Apr 7, 2023

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Homeowners with some understanding of pool maintenance know the importance of maintaining chemical balance and keeping debris out of the pool.

Heavy rains can seriously damage your pool by introducing acid rain, algae spores, leaves, and twigs. On paper, pool covers sound like the perfect solution, but that’s not always the reality. So, should you leave your pool cover on or off during rain?

As a top pool deck resurfacing company in Orlando, Florida, we can authoritatively tell you that the correct answer depends on the severity of the rainfall.

Using Pool Covers During a Major Storm

When the forecasts predict major storms, it’s natural to wonder if you should use your pool cover or not. In this scenario, you shouldn’t use the pool cover. Heavy storms come with severe winds powerful enough to lift your cover.

So, the cover won’t protect your pool as you intended. You’re also likely to get the unwanted bonus of a damaged pool cover. The high winds can rip it into shreds or throw dislodged branches, roofing shingles, and other heavy objects onto it, causing massive tears.

Using the cover and securing the ends may seem practical—especially for manual covers. However, most of the covers simply can’t withstand storm damage. If a major storm is in the forecast, it’s best to skip the cover altogether.

Automatic covers are even less advisable because they are costlier, and you can’t “secure” them any more than the original design. So, don’t use the pool cover in heavy rains and major storms. It’s usually cheaper to clean up the pool after the storm than to buy a new cover.

TIP: If you’re expecting heavy rains, adding pool shock commensurate with the water level will ensure your pool water is ready to fight off the new bacteria introduced through the rain. You can also add algaecide to stop algae spores that will inevitably enter the water from blooming.

Using Swimming Pool Covers During Mild Rain

Should you leave your pool cover on or off during rain? You should use the pool cover if the rain is mild and doesn’t come with severe wind. The cover will protect the pool water from the acidic rain bound to dilute the chlorine.

The idea here is to avoid the stress of cleaning your pool and balancing the chemicals after a mild rain. Your cover should protect your pool from such rains. However, you shouldn’t just cover the pool. You need to install a durable cover pump to keep the accumulated rainwater from pushing down on your cover and pouring into the pool.

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