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Saltwater Pool Care: What’s Different?

by | Apr 28, 2023

People love saltwater pools because they don’t have heavy chlorine smells like traditional chlorine pools. Others like them because the pool water feels more natural.

The most common reason people opt for saltwater pools is that they require much less work than other pools. However, there are still some crucial steps you need to remember.

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Regular Maintenance for Saltwater Pools

The process of maintaining saltwater pools is much more straightforward than conventional pools. While you might need to work on your pool more frequently, the tasks are simple and easy.

You should do some tasks every day, others once a week, and others once a month. Other tasks require your attention only once every few months or yearly.

Daily Cleaning

Every day, take a few minutes to clean the debris from your pool. It doesn’t take very long, and it may seem unimportant. However, regular pool cleaning is crucial to the operation of your pump and filters.

If too much debris builds up in the filters, it may wind up in the pool pump and lead to a costly repair or replacement. Though skimming the pool and emptying filters is easy, many people neglect this essential step in saltwater pool care.

Check the pH and Chlorine Levels

Once a week, you should check your pool’s chlorine levels. The chlorine level should be around 2ppm. Adjust the chlorine generator if the level is not where it should be.

You also need to check your pool’s pH level, which should be at 7.4 for your pool. To raise or lower it, you can add baking soda or muriatic acid, respectively.

Any supermarket or hardware store has test kits for pH and chlorine levels.

Checking Other Chemicals

Once a month, you need to check your pool’s other four chemical levels:

  • Salt levels: Reasonable levels are anywhere from 2,700 and 4,500ppm.
  • Alkalinity: These levels may range from 80 to 120ppm.
  • Stabilizer: Cyanuric acid is the most common stabilizer in a saltwater pool. It is usually between 70 and 80ppm.
  • Calcium levels: Calcium levels should be between 200 and 400ppm. These levels will keep your saltwater cell from building scale.

Other Maintenance to Consider

You must check your saltwater cell about four times a year and remove any scale deposits.

It would be best if you also prepared your pool for winter once a year. Check your pool’s care manual to learn how to keep your pool safe.

Protecting and Caring for Your Pool

Saltwater pool care is simple, but neglecting regular maintenance will harm your pool. You should also protect your pool from severe weather when it comes. Read here if you want to know more about protecting pool decks from the weather.

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