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Rust Stains in The Pool: Three Management Tips

by | May 5, 2023

Rust stains in the pool may come from stray metal objects, structural damage, or pool oxidation. There are three steps for managing rust in the pool: identification, removal, and prevention.

Classic Renovations treats all types of rust stains to restore your beautiful summer oasis.

Identifying Causes of Rust

Rust may come from a few sources. Examine the pool drains, ladders, and other areas where metal has contact with the pool water. These areas are typically the first to show signs of rust.

Check inside the pool filter for any debris that could cause rust stains.

Metal Debris 

Rust damage could be from something as simple as a stray bobby pin. Any metal object left behind will sink to the pool floor, forming a rust stain.

Water Oxidation

Excess metals in your water supply can cause rust spots throughout the pool. Well water typically contains high iron content, which can cause extensive plumbing problems.

Damage From Rebar 

Concrete pools rely on iron rebar for structural integrity. Over time, the iron may leach through the concrete and broach the water. This type of damage causes perpetual rust, which will reappear after cleaning. 

Qualified pool professionals can treat pool damage caused by rebar.

Rust Removal Techniques 

The removal method depends on the type of stain. Mild to moderate rust stains will respond to common removal techniques. Serious rust stains may require professional service. 

Vitamin C

For this method, you will need over-the-counter vitamin C tablets. Ascorbic acid reacts very well with rust to remove it with a good amount of friction. 

If the stain is easy to reach, you can use a vitamin C tablet directly on the area. If the stain is large, put a handful of vitamin C tablets in an old sock and use it like a shower loofah. Scrub the area and watch the stain vanish like magic. 

While vitamin C tablets are a good option, fully removing rust can take a lot of effort. Chemical removal offers thorough rust removal for extensive staining. 

Chemical Treatment

For chemical treatment, first, turn off the pump. The pool should remain unused for two or three days after adding a chemical treatment to the pool water. After enough time passes, even tough rust stains will disappear.

Acid Washing

Pools that have gone neglected may develop rust that is too extensive for common treatment options. In this case, a professional can provide acid washing to remove serious rust staining.

Preventing Rust

A simple way to prevent rust stains in the pool is by keeping pool equipment, such as ladders and drains, in good condition. 

Vacuuming and cleaning the pool regularly will remove stray objects that could cause rust.

For rust caused by iron in the water supply, you can apply a chemical stain inhibitor to the pool water. It lasts about six months and is safe for swimming.

Professional Pool Maintenance 

Rust stains in the pool may be unattractive, but they are treatable. Classic Renovations provides rust removal and can install a self-cleaning pool. Call our Orlando team at 407-521-6260 or our Jacksonville professionals at 904-448-4150 to schedule a maintenance appointment.

Now Serving Apopka

We’re excited to announce that Classic Marcite now extends its pool maintenance and renovation services to the Apopka area. Residents in Apopka can now rely on our expert team for efficient and professional pool care, including the crucial task of changing the sand in your pool filter. Trust us to keep your pool in pristine condition.

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