Pool Deck Resurfacing in Orlando 101

by | Nov 17, 2023

Your pool isn’t the only thing you should have resurfaced. Next to taking care of your pool, you should consider resurfacing your pool deck. Your pool deck is the surface surrounding your pool and a clear part of your pool’s aesthetic. Here is a pool deck resurfacing in Orlando 101.

Pool Deck Resurfacing 101

Resurfacing your pool deck is not conceptually different from pool resurfacing. Your average pool deck is traditionally made of concrete and is overlayed with paint and a sealant. Proper care and maintenance are required to make your pool deck last, but eventually cracks will begin to show and you’ll need resurfacing professionals to reinvigorate your pool deck.

Here’s a 101 about resurfacing your pool deck.

Signs Your Pool Deck Needs to be Resurfaced

There are a few signs to look out for that indicate you need to resurface your pool deck:

  • Cracks in concrete
  • Stains
  • The surface is more slippery
  • Rough Surfaces

These signs make your pool deck seem aesthetically displeasing but more importantly, it risks the safety of the swimmers.

How It Works

The most common method used for resurfacing is a concrete overlay that is either sprayed onto the surface or manually troweled. Regardless of the method used a lot of the process consist of the same steps:

  1. Clean – your pool deck must be cleared of debris and dust. This involves a thorough sweeping with a broom along with a pressure washer to ensure a clean surface
  2. Apply – now the material is applied to your pool deck surface. Using either a spray or a trowel, the material will fill in and repair any cracks, stains, and rough surfaces that your pool deck might have.
  3. Seal – a seal is a key to keeping your pool deck surface lasting well into the future.

Though these are the three basics to pool deck resurfacing, there are a lot of options that can be added to the mix.


When resurfacing your pool there are plenty of decorative and functional upgrades that can be made. Here are some of the most popular:


  • Patterns and decorative imagery can be placed on your pool deck
  • Your pool deck can be treated with color using a few different methods: integral coloring, color hardeners, or surface-applied color.
  • It can be overlayed with brick, pavers, wood, stone, or tile!


  • Film-Forming sealers can be applied. They will form a protective barrier for your concrete and prevent water and pool chemicals from entering the concrete.
  • Slip-resistant additives can be incorporated into your sealer, which improves traction on your pool deck, keeping you safe from falls.
  • Using a textured or exposed aggregate finish can be used to improve traction and add to the aesthetic of your pool.

These are just the basics of pool deck resurfacing. By keeping your entire pool area up to date, you are ensuring a pleasant backyard experience that can serve you for many summers to come!

Pool Deck Resurfacing by Classic Marcite

Now that you know swimming pool resurfacing tips, it’s time to find the right swimming pool resurfacing company. As a family-owned swimming pool resurfacing company, we can ensure that we produce a reliable pool resurfacing service that benefits our customers. Classic Marcite offers the following services for our customers:

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