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Four Pool Deck Color Schemes to Consider

by | Aug 11, 2023

With so many potential pool deck color schemes available, choosing a color for the pool is exciting. How can you narrow down the selection? Whether installing a new pool or updating one, our pool deck resurfacing experts in Orlando can help you find the perfect stain color. 

Below are some popular color schemes to consider for your next pool project.

1.    Brown and Tan Concrete Stains

So, what is the best color for a home pool in Florida? One of Orlando’s most popular color schemes combines brown and tan hues. These earth tones create a beautiful, rustic look that makes the pool’s blue water stand out.

Brown and tan stains also blend with the yard’s natural aesthetics and the home’s exterior, creating a smoother flow. Other earth tones like terra cotta deliver an equally natural feel to your home’s pool, but with a hint of brightness to catch the eye.

2.    Shades of White and Beige

Are you looking for paint ideas that make a residential pool feel like a vacation spot? White shades for pool deck paint colors mimic that beach look perfectly, with lighter concrete colors reflecting sunlight and keeping the deck cooler.

3.    Blue and Gray Color Scheme

Blue and gray pool deck paint colors create a cool, calming aesthetic with a modern finish. It imitates the sleek look of slate using a darker shade, like charcoal or pewter. The overall effect resembles soothing river rocks that look inviting, refreshing, and clean.

4.    Multiple Colors

Why not use more than one pool deck color? Versatile combinations make it possible to create unique graphics that make your backyard pool a work of art. Try contrasting shades to improve the pool’s definition and create stone-like finishes—the extra time is well worth the result.

What to Consider When Resurfacing a Swimming Pool

Sifting through the pool deck color schemes on offer is only one step in the resurfacing process. You also need to consider which coatings are more durable and explore the options for high-quality paints. A resurfacing product also comes in multiple tints so that you can easily customize the look of your deck.

A quality deck resurfacer like Classic Marcite should keep the pool looking its best by helping you:

  • Repair cracks or chips in the deck
  • Reduce heat absorption
  • Create a protective layer for the pool deck
  • Ensure a non-slip texture as a standard safety feature

Pool Stain Coloring Techniques

Pool contractors use different techniques to change the color of a pool deck, each with different levels of durability and vibrancy, including:

  • Integral color: Infuses fade-resistant color with concrete to create a long-lasting finish
  • Chemical stains: Recolors new or existing concrete decks
  • Dry-shake hardeners: Produces a finish that mimics stone but with a more vibrant tone

A Smooth Finish with Professional Pool Resurfacing

A Classic Marcite pool deck contractor will be happy to advise you on the best coloring techniques and run through more swimming pool renovation ideas—call us at (407) 521-6260 today to chat about the pool deck color schemes taking Florida by storm.

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