how to repair concrete pool deck deterioration

How to Repair Concrete Pool Deck Deterioration

by | Aug 4, 2023

Anyone can learn how to repair concrete pool deck deterioration with a quick fix. However, pool deck resurfacing professionals in Jacksonville like Classic Marcite make it far easier to identify the underlying causes involved. 

Below, Jacksonville’s Classic Marcite professionals break down what pool owners need to know about deck deterioration and resurfacing. They cover the causes, types of repairs, professional tips, and more.

Common Causes of Pool Deterioration in Florida

Generally, soil settlement and ground movement are the primary causes of concrete deck cracking in the area. However, pool deck cracks also appear after bouts of extreme weather. Other causes of concrete pool deck deterioration include:

  • Inadequately mixed concrete
  • The pool deck’s structural setting
  • The area’s seismic activity
  • Weak expansion joints
  • Temperature changes

A pool is a significant investment that requires proper care. Pools coping with cracks, discoloration, and chips need specific maintenance to support the structure.

Types of Pool Deck Repairs with Classic Marcite

So, can a homeowner learn how to repair concrete pool deck deterioration with a one-size-fits-all solution? Not exactly. 

Below are different types of deck repair methods and materials that you might need to consider:

  • Fillers: Fill minor cracks and improve the strength of a pool deck surface
  • Joint sealants: Protect joints by repelling moisture
  • Patches: Fix more significant cracks or smooth spalling areas
  • Overlay: Restores the entire pool deck surface
  • Pressure washing: Removes stubborn stains to reveal a clean deck surface
  • Coloring agents: Stain the deck surface to cover imperfections
  • Grit additives: Make a deck slip-resistant
  • Strip and reseal chemicals: Remove old sealant to make room for a new one
  • Slab jacking foam: Goes beneath a settled concrete deck to relevel the surface

Cracks in the pool deck surface are not only unsightly but quickly become a tripping hazard. Keeping the family and visitors safe is important. Why not chat with the pool experts at Classic Marcite for ideas about a quick and affordable solution?

How We Fix Cracks in a Pool Deck

Cracks are one of the most common problems for a concrete pool deck, and professionals like Classic Marcite typically follow four steps:

  1. Chiseling: We use a chiseling tool to remove loose concrete
  2. Clearing: We clear away debris to make way for restoration work
  3. Curing: We pour filler into the cracks and let it cure (for 24 hours)
  4. Covering: We finished with a sealer over the filled-in area to smooth the concrete and prevent further cracking 

More serious issues in the concrete might need considerations around leveling and safe repairs.

Leveling Concrete

Is there a sinking pool deck surface? Our experts use slab jacking to level the deck, drilling a series of holes into the sunken slab for a high-quality grout mixture. We then patch the holes with a concrete mix to restore the integrity and look of the surface.

Safety and Professionalism

Concrete needs the right skills for safe work on pool deck cracks and other surface problems. Calling local pool experts like Classic Marcite is highly recommended rather than risking accidents or the complete collapse of the pool deck. Don’t worry; our professionals will have the place ready in no time.

Call the Classic Marcite experts at (904) 448-4150 today for more about how to repair concrete pool deck deterioration the right way in Jacksonville, FL.

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