how to conserve water in a swimming pool

How To Conserve Water in a Swimming Pool

by | Mar 17, 2023

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A common misconception about swimming pools is that you only have to fill them once unless you empty the pool for cleaning or resurfacing. However, a pool’s water level will drop over time due to water evaporation and other causes. The problem is most prominent in areas with dry, hot weather, like Jacksonville, FL. However, for those wondering how to conserve water in a swimming pool, we have the answer.

Classic Marcite is a reputable pool repair company in Jacksonville. We can teach you how to conserve water in your swimming pool with the helpful tips below. 

1.  Test for Pool Leaks

Like your indoor plumbing system, your pool can develop leaks around its plumbing, fittings, or shell. Quickly identifying and repairing pool leaks is crucial for maintaining its water supply. Prompt repair is also necessary to keep the fill dirt that supports the pool’s deck and walls from washing away.

Identifying an underground pool leak is possible by marking your pool’s water level by the skimmer, then waiting 24 hours. You likely have a leak if the water level drops within that time. The pool’s drainage system and water pipes might also be working at a reduced capacity, resulting in water loss.

2.  Clean Your Pool Regularly

Your pool filter will collect particles and debris as the pool pump circulates water. If the filter gets dirty, you must backwash or clean it to maintain its trapping abilities. However, the backwashing process uses up 1,000 gallons of water, so it’s best not to do it often if you want to conserve water. 

You can help your pool filter and reduce its backwashing frequency by keeping the pool clean. Periodically, go through the water with a fine mesh skimmer net to remove debris like leaves and twigs. It’s also helpful to regularly empty the skimmer basket and clean the pool pump. 

When it’s time to backwash your filter to clean it, you can recycle the water you use. Run the backwash output onto your lawn to provide water and nutrients to the soil. Another helpful tip is to use a pool cover when the pool isn’t in use to minimize debris falling into the water.

3.  Avoid Overfilling the Pool

You might consider overfilling your pool to keep its water level high, but that’s not the best idea. When learning how to conserve water in a swimming pool, you must also account for water loss due to kicking and splashing. Keeping your pool’s water level below halfway up its skimmer will reduce water loss from movement.

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