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Reasons To Convert Your Chlorine Pool to Saltwater

by | Mar 24, 2023

Are you ready to renovate your home’s swimming pool and convert it to saltwater? If so, contact our team today at 407-521-6260 for a consultation. a pool owner, you likely use chlorine to keep your pool water clean and free of bacteria, algae, and other unwanted organic materials. Despite the popularity of chlorine pools, saltwater pools are gaining popularity due to the advantages salt has over chlorine. 

Choosing to convert your chlorine pool to saltwater and getting pool deck resurfacing by Classic Marcite in Orlando, FL, will transform your pool for the better. Here, we discuss some of the benefits of saltwater pool conversion.

Why You Should Switch From a Chlorinated Pool to a Saltwater Pool

You’ll Save Money

Saltwater pools only contain salt. They won’t need other chemicals to keep the water clean. You’ll spend less on the pool’s long-term chemical maintenance and pool equipment, so the saltwater conversion will eventually pay for itself. 

As a bonus, your pool water will be softer, leaving your skin moisturized. Swimming in a saltwater pool is similar to swimming in the ocean without the briny ocean smell.

There Will Be Fewer Chemicals Around Your Home

Maintaining a standard chlorinated pool means storing chlorine in or around your home to treat the water and prevent algae growth. Keeping large quantities of that chemical on your property can be dangerous if you have young children or pets.

However, if you convert a chlorine pool to saltwater, your salt chlorinator will produce salt chlorine. You won’t have to keep chlorine on the premises unless your pool’s pH balance is in dire need of help. If it is, you can always call a pool care company that will remove any chemicals when they leave.

Salt Water Pools Can Help Alleviate Muscle and Joint Pain

People often soak their sore bodies in a bath with Epsom salt for pain relief. Saltwater pools function the same way.

Epsom salt and pool salt contain bromine, which has pain-reducing benefits. Swimming in a saltwater pool with achy muscles or joints will help you relax and soothe painful body parts.

It’s Better for the Environment

Saltwater pools are generally more environmentally friendly than chlorinated options. Chlorine in pools contains chloramines that bind to organic particles like sweat and dirt to keep pool water clean. However, chloramines emit gas into the air through water evaporation, contributing to climate change. They are also responsible for the harsh chemical scent of chlorine.

Pool salt contains trace amounts of chlorine, but it doesn’t release much gas into the environment when water evaporates. The lack of gas production makes saltwater pools more eco-friendly.

Transform Your Swimming Pool With Classic Marcite

If you convert a chlorine pool to saltwater, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to contact Classic Marcite for premium pool resurfacing. Our crew has over 30 years of experience in the pool renovation industry, and we provide affordable, high-quality services to Orlando, FL, residents. For more information about saltwater pool conversions or why you should cover a pool when it’s raining, call 407-521-6260.

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