how to fix slippery concrete around pool

How to Fix Slippery Concrete Around Pool: Top Options

by | Jul 28, 2023

Having a pool at your home is highly rewarding, allowing you to cool off during the summer and giving you a place to create incredible memories with friends and family. However, pools also pose several safety hazards, and having slippery concrete around the pool significantly increases these concerns. This article from Classic Marcite, Orlando’s top-rated pool deck resurfacing professionals, will explain how to fix slippery concrete around your pool.

What Causes Slippery Concrete

While water contributes to the slippery ground around your pool, the primary factor is sealers. Topical sealers protect a concrete pool deck from moisture by forming a barrier over the outside of the material. A coat of sealer can extend the lifespan of concrete and cement, but it can also increase slipperiness when in contact with water.

Short-Term Tips

If you’re wondering how to fix slippery concrete around your pool, the project may require renovations. However, there are some steps you can take in the meantime to reduce the risk of injury while you decide how to fully address the problem. Slips generally occur when people are bare-footed, so wearing shoes around the pool is an excellent way to reduce the risk of injury.

However, wearing shoes in the pool is often not an option. Homeowners can try putting mats or towels down to create a path to and from the water. While using mats and footwear isn’t a permanent solution, these strategies can keep you and your loved ones safe while you plan renovations.

Long-Term Solutions

Ultimately, the solution to a slippery concrete surface is to change the texture. A textured standard or colored concrete will increase grip and ensure no one slips when walking around the pool. However,  homeowners can still be creative, as a wide range of styles of decorative concrete can provide this protection.

Contractors improve concrete texture by adding materials like sand or beads to the material, creating a rougher outer layer. However, these sealers can impact aesthetic appeal and offer a limited improvement over standard concrete. For this reason, many homeowners opt for pavers instead of concrete.

Pavers are paths or areas that contractors form out of multiple pieces of material. Homeowners can choose from a wide range of colors and designs, as the geometric shapes of pavers allow for infinite customization. In addition, by selecting a naturally slip-resistant material, homeowners can ensure that the area around their pool is safe for years to come.

Prioritize Safety Today

If you have concerns about the safety risks the slippery stamped concrete around your pool can pose, it’s time to contact a professional pool resurfacing company. Classic Marcite proudly helps keep the residents of Orlando, FL, safe by providing expert paving and resurfacing services. With years of experience in the field, we can ensure your new poolside area is beautiful and safe.

Now that you know how to fix slippery concrete around your pool, it’s time to take action. Pool-related injuries can be severe and even lead to liability issues, so addressing the problem as soon as possible is vital. If you’re ready to improve the safety of your property with textured concrete or a paver area or want to learn more about repairing concrete pool decks, call Classic Marcite at (407) 521-6260 today.

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