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Rotten Wood Decking for Pools: What You Can Do

by | Jan 20, 2023

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Wood is one of the more popular pool deck material options, but one of the downsides of wood decking for pools is its susceptibility to water damage. This problem is particularly serious for pool decks due to their frequent exposure to moisture. This article discusses rotten wood decking and what you can do about it.

Why It Is Important to Replace Your Rotten Wood Pool Deck

Rotting wood can give way without warning, causing someone to trip or even have a leg fall through the broken board. The rot that weakens a board can occur on the inside, so it could be impossible to tell by looking at a board that it will no longer support your weight.

If a rotten board is adjacent to or attached to your home, the rot could spread, threatening your home’s structural integrity. The insects, mold, and moisture that permeate rotten wood can attack healthy wood. For these reasons, pool owners should detect and repair rot in their wooden pool decks as soon as possible.

Signs of Rot in Your Pool Deck

Call a professional if you notice any of these signs of wood rot:

  • Soft patches in the wood
  • Discolorations in the wood surface
  • Mold on the wood surface
  • Insect damage 

Removing the Rotten Wood

If one or two planks in your wooden deck show signs of rot, you could have a contractor remove the planks and replace them with new wood. One challenge to replacing part of the deck is matching the paint color between the new and old planks. You can solve the problem by using leftover paint from when you first installed the deck if you have any,

Treating Wood to Prevent Future Damage

If you catch the problem early, you can use wood filler to shore up damaged areas. Use a sealant to prevent water from getting into the wood decking for pools. The sealant comes in many colors and stains, so you can give your deck a new look while you protect it against moisture.

Upgrade to a Different Deck Material

If your deck has pervasive rot, your best bet might be to tear down the old pool deck and replace it with a new one made from concrete, stone, tile, PVC, or other pool deck materials that do not rot. Alternative materials have other advantages over wood, such as being low maintenance and available in many attractive patterns and colors.

Heavy materials such as concrete and stone might be less suitable for above-ground pool decks.

Have Classic Marcite Repair or Replace Your Old Wood Pool Deck 

If you are uncertain whether any change in the wood in your deck is rotten, call us at Classic Marcite. Our experienced professionals can distinguish between innocuous issues and dangerous rot.

Take pride in your swimming pool again and enjoy it safely with a new or restored pool deck by Classic Marcite. Learn about durable decking for harsh weather by calling (407) 521-6260. Speak with a consultant today about low-maintenance alternatives to wood decking for pools.

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