what should the pool filter pressure gauge read

What Should the Pool Filter Pressure Gauge Read?

by | Jul 7, 2023

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“What should the pool filter pressure gauge read?” Many homeowners ask this question after installing a new pool filter. However, the answer varies depending on which type of device you own.

Pool filter sizing is just one factor in determining the correct pressure gauge reading for your pool. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about reading your pressure gauge and when to seek professional help.

What Is the Pool Filter Pressure Gauge?

The pressure gauge, or PSI meter, is a small device that measures the pounds of pressure per square inch in your pool filter. 

When water flow changes occur, the dial on these gauges shifts, sometimes dramatically. Most meters display red or yellow lines under numbers that indicate dangerous pressure levels.

What Should the Pressure Gauge Read?

Cartridge filters typically maintain an average pressure reading of 10 to 25 PSI. However, this number may differ depending on your appliance’s size and condition.

Once you install your new filter, check your PSI meter. Whatever number the dial rests at during the first day of use should be your baseline (assuming other equipment, like the pool pump, is running correctly). 

Problems That May Affect Your Pool’s Pressure

What should the pool filter pressure gauge read if your system is underperforming? Consider these three common problems:

Dirty Filters

Dirty pool filters will increase the PSI reading of your device because dirt and debris restrict water from passing through the filter membrane. Most professionals recommend cleaning your device once the gauge increases 10 PSI above the standard reading. 

Check your pump basket or skimmer basket for obstructions and remove them to lower the PSI reading.


If you notice a dramatic decrease in your pool filter’s PSI reading, it may have a leak somewhere. Leaks prevent pumps from operating efficiently and cause dirty water to drift back into the pool.

Air Valve Problems

If air collects in the filter for too long because of low water levels, your PSI reading may rise much higher than expected.

Fortunately, you can resolve this problem by slowly loosening the air release valve, allowing excess pressure to escape so the gauge falls back to normal readings.

What Happens if You Ignore Your PSI Readings?

Regularly monitoring your pressure gauge can save you from filter or pump breakdowns. High pool filter pressure could lead to pipe ruptures or backwash. These problems can be expensive to repair and often require replacement filters.

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