Orlando Pool Resurfacing Company

Orlando Pool Resurfacing Company

Top Orlando Pool Resurfacing Company

As a top Orlando pool resurfacing company, Classic Marcite specializes in residential and commercial pool services.

If you own a pool you know that at some point or another, a pool begins to look its age. Eventually, your pool will need to be resurfaced and renovated. Before it begins to look too old, it’s time to find an expert pool resurfacing company in Orlando, Florida. 

The expert you’re looking for is Classic Marcite. 

Family-owned and operated since 1988, Classic Marcite specializes in all phases of pool resurfacing and renovation services from residential to commercial to overseas. And since we are a family business, we have more time to focus on our primary goal: customer satisfaction. Across the board, we strive to help our customers with all of their pool repair and renovation needs. 

With our vast expertise resurfacing and renovating we work on: 

As a leader in the pool resurfacing industry, Classic Marcite has resurfaced and renovated over 100,000 swimming pools, that’s nearly 3,000 pools a year. 

Pool Resurfacing in a Nutshell

A pool could boost your home’s value by 7%, meaning that having a pool is not only fun for the family but beneficial financially, too. Sometimes, you have to keep up with your pool and that means resurfacing it. Over time, your pool can become worn. Resurfacing involves removing damaged elements, applying a new finish, and acid washing (if needed). 

There are many common signs to look out for if you are concerned that your pool may need to be resurfaced. If you’re not sure if you need resurfacing for your pool, here are some common signs:

  • Growing stains 
  • Stains that are difficult to remove
  • Coarse texture
  • Leaking

If you spot any of these, it’s time to contact a pool renovation expert who can expertly resurface your pool. 

Residential Pool Resurfacing Company in Orlando

We offer full-service pool renovations for your home. When your pool starts to show signs of wear and tear, Classic Marcite can help rejuvenate your pool by completely resurfacing it with our all-inclusive residential pool options. 

Commercial Pool Resurfacing Company in Orlando

We offer full-service pool renovations for commercial businesses of any size. No matter the scope of your company’s pool renovation project, Classic Marcite can help. We provide full-service renovation and resurfacing options for any kind of commercial pool.

About Classic Marcite

Since 1988, Classic Marcite has been the leader in the swimming pool resurfacing industry. Classic Marcite has resurfaced thousands of swimming pools across Central Florida and the globe. 

As a family-owned pool renovation company, we make sure that we extend dependable and individual service that supports strong relationships with our customers.

We are a collection of pool renovation specialists committed to improving the pool resurfacing industry. We strive to deliver the most reliable service to our customers. 

Contact us today to receive a free, no-obligation quote and to learn how Classic Marcite can be your go-to pool resurfacing company in Orlando.

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