Residential Pool Resurfacing & Renovations

Say hello to your Caribbean, resort-style pool.

We Offer Full-Service Residential Pool Resurfacing in Orlando & Jacksonville

For over 30 years, Classic Marcite has been Orlando and Jacksonville’s premier residential pool resurfacing company. Family-owned and operated, Classic Marcite specializes in all aspects of pool renovation services, from commercial to residential.

When your pool starts to show signs of wear and tear, Classic Marcite can help rejuvenate your pool by completely resurfacing it with our all-inclusive residential pool options.

Classic Marcite provides full-service residential pool renovation and resurfacing options, including:

  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Decking
  • And more

Classic Marcite uses top-notch materials and delivers superior craftsmanship in all our residential pool renovation and resurfacing projects. We begin each project by understanding your vision for your dream pool.

Throughout the entire renovation process, we use your specifications as a guide because we want to make your dreams come true.

The driving force behind every Classic Marcite project – no matter how big, how small, or how complicated – is customer satisfaction and our commitment to quality.

Residential Pool Resurfacing 101

a pool could boost your home’s value by 7%, meaning that having a pool is not only fun for the family but beneficial financially, too, adding value to your home. Having a pool resurfaced or renovated can keep your pool healthy and in shape for a future appraisal.

There are many common signs to look out for if you are concerned that your pool may need to be resurfaced. If you’re not sure if you need resurfacing for your pool, here are some common signs:

  • Growing stains
  • Stains that are difficult to remove
  • Coarse texture
  • Leaking

If you spot any of these signs, it’s time to contact a pool renovation and resurfacing expert who can inspect your pool and if needed, expertly resurface your pool.

The pool resurfacing process can take on many forms, but here’s a brief general rundown of exactly how this process works:

  • Drain: drain the pool of water.
  • Prep pool: remove old and damaged areas.
  • Tile and masonry: install pool tiles.
  • Plumping and seal: to ensure that the pool is watertight.
  • Pool finish: installation of the pool surface finish material.
  • Acid wash: this is dependent on the materials selected. If you selected a darker Quartz finish, for example.
  • Cleanup: clean the area.
  • Refill pool: we refill the pool.
  • Water treatment and surface curing: this warrants routine monitoring and service during the first 7 days of the process.

Remember, depending on the needs and applications, this process can be longer and more expansive. This general rundown is to help you better understand the process as a whole so you can know exactly how it works.

Our trained and professional crew will be with you during the whole process giving you the utmost care and service. At Classic Marcite, our reputation precedes us.

Diamond Brite

At Classic Marcite, we offer Diamond Brite. If you want a durable and beautiful finish for your pool, spa, or water feature, then Diamond Brite is right for you. With a range of accent colors, this pool finish creates a rich look on your pool surface.

  • Diamond Brite is an attractive, elegant pool finish that is comfortable and slip-resistant
  • When Classic Marcite installs your Diamond Brite pool finish, you get the best in materials and workmanship from workers who are backed by a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction

Largest Certified Pebble Tec Applicator in Central Florida

Want a natural look for your pool, spa, or water feature? Then Pebble Tec® is the perfect choice for you. Available in 18 colors, the Pebble Tec® brand pool finish is the original aggregate pebble pool finish. Each color is created with pebbles from around the world that are hand-selected for their stunning beauty.

  • Pebble Tec® pool finishes produce a gorgeous range of colors throughout the day as the sunlight plays on the water
  • Only skilled installers that have been licensed by Pebble Technology, Inc., can apply the Pebble Tec® brand
  • When we install your Pebble Tec® pool finish, you get the best in materials and workmanship

About Classic Marcite of Orlando and Jacksonville

Classic Marcite is the premier swimming pool resurfacing and renovation company in Orlando and Jacksonville. Since its inception in 1988, Classic Renovations by Classic Marcite has resurfaced and renovated thousands of swimming pools. With our extensive experience resurfacing and renovating both commercial and residential pools, Classic Marcite has been a leader in the pool renovation industry for over 30 years.

  • Commercial Pool Resurfacing
  • Residential Pool Resurfacing

As a family-owned pool resurfacing company, we make sure that we offer reliable and personal service that helps foster strong relationships with our customers. Aside from Jacksonville and Orlando, we also service Alafaya and nearby areas in Florida.

We are a team of professionals dedicated to revolutionizing the pool service industry. We seek to bring the best services to our clients at an affordable price, leaving them with an experience they will never forget.

Contact us today to receive a free, no-obligation quote and to learn how Classic Marcite can bring your pool back to life.