Signs that Your Commercial Pool Needs to be Resurfaced in Orlando

By: Mike Folta| On: January 1, 2020

Signs That Your Commercial Pool Needs To Be Resurfaced In OrlandoIf you are a commercial business owner in Orlando, Florida, chances are that your business is related to the thriving hospitality and tourism industry. For nearly 50 years, Orlando has been the biggest home to the hospitality and tourism industry. Central Florida is packed with theme parks, hotels and places to vacation at. If you are a commercial business owner in Orlando and are part of the hospitality and tourism industry, then chances are you have a pool. Pools require a lot of upkeep, such as resurfacing. In this blog post, we will dive into the signs that your commercial pool needs to be resurfaced in Orlando.

Pools, like all things, over time, can become worn and can easily and rather quickly start looking their age. Here are some detailed signs that your commercial pool needs to be resurfaced in Orlando:

  • Stains
  • Peeling Plaster
  • Rough Texture
  • Residue
  • Drops in Water Level
  • Cracks

But first, what is commercial pool resurfacing? 

What is Commercial Pool Resurfacing?

If your company has an in-ground pool, then it is likely coated with fiberglass, plaster, pebbles or another coating. After a few years and use, a pool’s surface’s coating can become worn, stained, cracked, or patchy, making your pool lose its shine. 

When the pool surface starts looking worn, it may be time to resurface your pool. 

Signs that Your Commercial Pool Needs to be Resurfaced


Stains are a sure sign that your commercial pool needs to be resurfaced in Orlando. This is usually one of the earliest indicators that your pool will soon need to be resurfaced. This is why it’s very important that you make sure to monitor stains and see if they happen to grow or become more prevalent over time. Occasionally, stains can be removed with an acid wash, otherwise, resurfacing is the best option.

Peeling Plaster

Peeling plaster is known as ‘spawling’ and can indicate that you need to have your pool resurfaced. This is primarily caused by low pH or calcium levels. One of the only ways you can address this issue is with pool resurfacing.

Rough Texture

If you’ve noticed rough textures and spots at the bottom of your pool, or felt them while swimming, or have had guests complain about them, your pool may need to be resurfaced. These spots can be both unsightly and dangerous for guests. It’s best to get them addressed as soon as possible. 


If you notice a chalky residue near the edges of your pool (called “chalking”), this means that the surface of your pool is most likely breaking down. 

Drops in Water Level

If your pool is constantly needing to be refilled you may have an issue with plaster fatigue or other concerns that must be addressed. 


Cracks are a sure sign that there are major concerns with your pool and likely mean that you will need to address them with pool resurfacing. 

Best Commercial Pool Resurfacing in Orlando

Now that you know the signs that your commercial pool needs to be resurfaced in Orlando, Florida, it’s time to find the right commercial pool resurfacing company in Orlando. 

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