how to protect pool decking from the weather

How To Protect Pool Decking From the Harsh Weather

by | Sep 22, 2023

Your swimming pool and pool deck are the social epicenters for family and friends during the warm summer months. But when the winter weather approaches, it is crucial to know how to protect pool decking from snow and ice. 

Winterizing your pool decking is an essential undertaking for proper pool maintenance. Protecting your pool deck from the weather keeps the area safe and looking great year-round. 

Steps To Protect Your Pool Decking

  1. Put away all deck furniture, appliances, palters, etc., and prepare them for winter storage.
  2. Sweep your pool deck to loosen and remove leaves, dirt, and debris.
  3. Power-wash the deck using a pressure washer, 2500-3000 psi, to remove stubborn stains, mildew, and dirt.
  4. Using a stiff scrub brush on a pole, scrub the entire area with trisodium phosphate (TSP).
  5. Power-wash the deck a second time to remove the TSP.
  6. Apply pool deck sealer to the pool decking. 

The Importance of Pool Sealant 

Whether you have a wood or concrete deck, applying a quality sealant protects it from damage caused by moisture, temperature changes, salt, and sun penetration. Sealant prevents staining and keeps enhancements such as natural stone, “stampcrete,” and colored concrete looking like new.

Types of Pool Sealant

When caring for wood decking, a quality stain or sealant provides a barrier against sun and moisture year-round. Seal concrete decking at the end of the warm months to prepare and protect it from cracks and fissures that occur due to the freeze-thaw cycle. High-end sealants such as Deck-O-Grip, contain an acrylic slip additive that makes a concrete surface more slip-resistant. 

How To Apply Pool-Decking Sealant

  1. Wait for the freshly scrubbed pool decking to dry completely.
  2. Saturate a paint roller with sealant and roll the sealant over the decking using overlapping strokes.
  3. Working in small sections, apply a coat to an individual section and wait for 10 minutes before applying a second coat.
  4. Move on to the next section of the decking and repeat.
  5. Deck sealant takes 1-2 hours to dry completely.

When To Call the Pool Resurfacing Professionals in Orlando, FL

Even if you know how to protect pool decking from the weather and take meticulous care each season, the summer heat in Orlando is bound to cause damage sooner or later. If you notice cracks and fissures on the surface of your pool deck, it’s time to schedule an appointment for pool deck resurfacing in Orlando by Classic Marcite.

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