how often to change sand in pool filter

How Often To Change Sand in Pool Filter

by | Dec 16, 2022

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Sand filters are one of the most reliable types of pool cleaning products. These appliances catch debris and other harmful particles that reduce your water quality. However, you need to know how often to change the sand in pool filters to get the best performance out of these devices. 

When it’s time to install a new filter for your pool, consider a sand filter and learn all about how to maintain them.

What Is a Sand Filter?

Most of these filters contain glass, silica, or zeolite sand to trap particles as small as 20 microns.

These appliances require regular backwashing and maintenance, usually once a month. Backwashing clears out most of the large debris from inside the tank. However, after years of use, you will need to replace the sand entirely to keep harmful particles from filtering back into the pool. 

When to Replace the Sand in a Sand Filter

Many people aren’t sure how often to change the sand in pool filters, sometimes waiting too long.

Generally, you should replace the sand in your filter every three to five years. Still, you may need to replace the sand sooner if you notice problems like:

  • Cloudy water in your pool
  • Leaking multiport valves in your filter
  • Tank or valve malfunctions
  • Consistently dirty filters after backwashing
  • High PSI gauge readings

Why Is It Necessary to Change the Sand?

Rough sand allows these filters to trap small particles while water passes through the device. However, these minerals will lose much of their texture over time, allowing harmful debris to slip through porous cracks.

If your pool collects large amounts of hair, debris, or dust, this process could happen quickly, sometimes within two or three years. However, zeolite pool filter sand may last longer due to its durable, hexagonal molecular structure.

Changing the sand every few years is essential for getting clean water year-round.

How to Change the Sand in a Sand Filter

You can change the sand by opening the filter and detaching it from your home’s plumbing. Pull the drain plug and scoop out the old sand from the device. Depending on the size of your filter, this process could take several minutes.

Make sure every component is in the correct place before adding new sand.

Refill half the tank with water, then slowly place your new sand in the appliance. Don’t forget to pack the sand bed evenly to avoid creating pockets where debris can slip through.

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