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Fixing Pool Deck Concrete: Repair or Resurface?

by | Sep 1, 2023

Like most things, pool decks don’t last forever. They often crack and stain over time, diminishing their longevity and overall visual appeal. 

However, some damages don’t require costly repairs. Sometimes, a simple resurfacing can make your swimming pool deck as good as new again at a fraction of the price of repair costs. 

How do you know if you need pool deck repair or resurfacing? That’s where our team at Classic Marcite can help. 

Classic Marcite is Jacksonville’s trusted pool deck resurfacing company. Our team specializes in fixing pool deck concrete through advanced resurfacing techniques, saving Jacksonville residents from expensive repairs. Continue reading to find out whether your pool deck requires repairs or resurfacing services.

Fixing Pool Deck Concrete with Resurfacing


Concrete pool decks are prone to all sorts of stains. Chlorine, dirt, hard water, and more contribute to pool deck stains, leaving them looking shabby and unkempt. However, resurfacing the affected area will eliminate even the most stubborn stain and leave your pool deck looking better than ever. 

Professional resurfacing companies like ours have special equipment that removes stains without damaging the surrounding surface. At Classic Marcite, we grind down the pool deck’s top layer to eliminate the surface stain and restore it to its original state. 

As a homeowner, you can also use a pressure washer to remove less severe stains on concrete pool decks.


Moisture can take a toll on both concrete and wooden pool decks. It causes them to flake and peel over time, transforming once immaculate-looking pool decks into rundown, unsightly walkways. Luckily, a quick resurfacing job will eliminate flaking and restore your pool deck’s allure.

Fixing Pool Deck Concrete With Repairs


Concrete tends to expand and contract in extreme temperatures, leaving homeowners with unsightly cracks in their pool decks. Although resurfacing will eliminate small pool deck cracks, such cracks often indicate more severe issues like a shifting foundation or damaged expansion joints. Be sure to contact our pool deck repair company to deal with the issue right away to prevent the problem from worsening.

Structural Damage

Few things are worse for a pool deck than structural damage. It severely reduces the pool deck’s integrity and often costs a small fortune to repair. That’s why you as a homeowner need to address structural damage swiftly if you want to preserve their pool deck. 

Large cracks, gaps, and fissures usually indicate structural damage, especially if they worsen over time. If you notice any structural damage to your pool deck, be sure to reach out to our pool deck repair specialists at Classic Marcite today.

Contact Us at Classic Marcite for Professional Pool Deck Resurfacing in Jacksonville, FL

If you need professional pool deck resurfacing services in Jacksonville, FL, contact our experts at Classic Marcite. Our team has been fixing pool deck concrete for nearly 35 years, and we offer numerous resurfacing options for pool decks at fair and affordable prices. 

Whether you want to remove hairline cracks from your pool deck or eliminate unsightly water stains, our team at Classic Marcite is always here for you. 

Contact us at Classic Marcite at (904) 448-4150 and see what we can do for your Jacksonville property today!

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