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Cracks in Pool Deck: Causes and How to Repair

by | Oct 6, 2023

There might be a few cracks in your pool deck, but don’t panic! Classic Marcite is here to tell you that cracks in pool decks are not the end of your fun in the sun. The pool deck repair experts in Jacksonville, FL, can help you learn why cracks happen and how to repair them.

Why Does a Concrete Pool Deck Crack?

Jacksonville, FL, is not known for harsh winters, but the summer heat scorches your concrete pool deck. Cracks usually develop when the sun is hottest and humidity exceeds 75%. It is not uncommon for cracks to develop during colder months as well, but more frequent causes are: 

  • Groundwater: Pressures on and below the surface result in “concrete shrinkage.” When water meets the surface of the concrete, evaporation creates a vacuum that pulls the surface inward, causing cracks.
  • Poor drainage: Spalling occurs when water seeps into your concrete through microscopic surface fissures in its surface. The water then freezes and expands, causing the concrete to chip away or flake off entirely.
  • Grading: The surface slope plays a role in draining water away from weak points. Without proper grading, water collects in low spots causing them to weaken and crack the concrete.
  • Poor quality soil: The soil underneath a pool deck must be flat and compacted to support the weight of the concrete as it expands and contracts

The Most Common Types of Cracks in Pool Decks

Unattended damage can lead to larger issues with in-ground pools, so you want to know what type of deck cracking you’re dealing with to decide if it’s repairable or not:

  • Expansion joint issues: The concrete pool deck expands and contracts as temperatures rise and fall. Expansion joints are ideally filled and smoothed with a coating of special polymer grout or colored concrete overlay to prevent water from seeping in.
  • Torn or broken tile: Improperly installed tiles can crack and tear or break away from the rest of the deck.
  • Exfoliating: Older decks tend to have spiderweb-like cracks caused by excessive calcium leaching out of the concrete, causing the surface layer to flake off.

Solutions for Pool Cracks

If the damage is minor, it may be possible to use a concrete surface patch or filler to repair the crack. Homeowners can repair cracks in pool decks with epoxy by:

  • Clean dirt and debris from the crack
  • Sand down the entire area
  • Clean area with soap and water
  • Mix epoxy and apply with an injection gun
  • Remove excess epoxy with a scraper
  • Let cure for 24 hours
  • Clean up excess epoxy with a wire brush

 If the damage is extensive, you might have to replace an entire section of pool decking. Review Classic Marcite’s pool deck resurfacing guide to determine what works best for your project.

Repair Cracks in a Pool Deck Effectively

If DIY solutions aren’t enough to repair your pool deck, the professionals at Classic Marcite in Jacksonville, FL, are here to help. Call us at 904-448-4150 to restore the pool of your dreams!

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