Swimming Pool Renovation Company Orlando

Swimming Pool Renovation Company Orlando

Classic Renovations is a leading swimming pool renovation company in Orlando with over 32 years of experience. We have renovated over 100,000 swimming pools and possess extensive knowledge in swimming pool renovation in Orlando, FL.

How much does it cost to resurface a swimming pool?

If you find a damaged surface on your oasis, it is important to call one of the best swimming pool resurfacing companies in Orlando, FL, to chip out the damaged material, apply a new finish, and wash the pool's surface with acid. On average, resurfacing with the pebble-based material can cost $4 - $5 per foot of your pool's internal surface area. For resurfacing the internal area of a 1,000 feet pool, the cost can range between $4,000 and $5,000.

If you're on a tight budget, you can resurface your pool with plaster, the cost of which can range between $3 and $4 per foot. We offer the best commercial pool repair company in Orlando and complete the job within 3-4 days.

How often does a pool need resurfacing?

Ideally, the lifetime of a concrete swimming pool is 12-15 years, after which you must resurface it. While you resurface your pool, you must also replace the waterline tile along with the interior finish.

Sometimes, your pool may require a resurfacing job, even before it hits the 12-year mark depending on where you live, upkeep and maintenance, and the overall condition of the pool. Have a professional inspect it to help you determine the right course of action.

Signs that warn the need for resurfacing your pool

Has your pool seen better days? While the signs of a damaged pool surface are quite obvious, in some cases, you may have to look for hidden signs and cues. These are some signs to look for in your oasis before you call for professional help:

  1. Plaster peeling or flaking - If you notice the plaster peeling on the floor of your spa or the pool steps, that's spalling. Low water PH and low calcium levels are the usual culprits in this case. When this happens, you can see a layer of calcium hydroxide under the floating chlorinator or on the top step of your pool. Be sure to call for professional contractors to resurface or replaster your pool if you notice plaster peeling.
  2. Surface stains - Some of the common culprits of stains and discoloration of your pool surface are copper, calcium, and salts. They end up creating a blueish gray color stain or a crystal deposit, which can be hard to clean. To get rid of severe stains, you must replaster your pool surface.
  3. Roughness - If you can no longer feel a fresh, smooth pool surface but find it rough like sandpaper, it could mean that the chemicals in the pool have created a hoarse calcium deposit. Re-plastering may be crucial to prevent potential feet injuries.

To get a free consultation from Classic Renovations, call (407) 521-6260 or (904) 448-4150 or visit our website. As a pioneer swimming pool renovation company in Orlando, we offer unsurpassable commercial and residential pool service at affordable prices.

Swimming Pool Renovation Company Orlando
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Swimming Pool Renovation Company Orlando
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