Pool Resurfacing Jacksonville

Pool Resurfacing Jacksonville

The pool surfaces are made of concrete and coated with tile, fiberglass, pebble, or plaster. But over time, the state of the pool's surface may need to be resurfaced when you notice that the plaster has discolored, stained, or peeling paint.

Pool resurfacing involves preparing an old pool for a new surface coat. This process typically takes about 3-7 days to complete. At Classic Renovations, pool resurfacing is our specialty. Our pool resurfacing experts in Jacksonville can bring new life to your old pool. Here's a guide on how our pool resurfacing process works. 

Step 1 – Our technicians will drain the pool.

 Draining is the first step. Our technicians will drain your swimming pool. They will check all the lights around the pool and tag them with a yellow tag stating, "do not switch while your pool is empty." We will then turn off any electrical attachments in the pool. We'll drop a submersible pump into your pool to start draining the water.

Step 2 – Our crews will remove old material from the pool surface.

Our crews will prepare your pool surface to receive new surface material by removing old surface material. This stage is the dirtiest stage of the project. We recommend you remove any patio furniture and plants around the pool area. 

Step 3 – Our professionals will install tile and perform the masonry work.

All details regarding your pool design should be completed and documented before this step begins. At this stage, our highly skilled masonry and tile experts will install your chosen pool tile and other decorative features. 

Step 4 – Our technician inspects and seals the plumbing pipes.

We'll clean the pool shell during this stage, watertight and ready for your chosen pool surface finish. 

Step 5 – Our experts will install the finish material

Now your resurfaced pool starts to take shape. It's time to install the pool surface finish material. This can take 1 to 2 days based on the material you choose.

Step 6 – Our skilled crews use an acid wash.

Your pool will undergo this step if you have selected finishes such as Hydrazzo, Pebble, Beadcrete, or darker Quartz. Our crews are highly trained and can safely perform this step. 

Step 7 – We'll give the pool an Initial Water Treatment.

This step is one of the essential steps for maintaining the beauty of your pool. Once your pool is watered, it will undergo several procedures to allow the surface to cure as evenly as possible.

Get Your Pool Resurfacing Done By The Pros At Classic Renovations

Resurfacing a swimming pool is a project that requires the right tools, skills, and technology. That is why you need to hire a professional who has skills and experience in resurfacing pools. Classic Renovations is one of the best swimming pool resurfacing companies in Jacksonville, FL. If your pool is looking a bit ragged, call the professionals at Classic Renovations today. Our pool resurfacing Jacksonville" href="https://classicmarcite.com/pool-resurfacing-locations/duval-county/pool-resurfacing-company-in-jacksonville-fl/">pool resurfacing Jacksonville team is available to help and support you in any way we can.

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