Pool Remodeling Jacksonville

Pool Remodeling Jacksonville

The swimming pool is no longer about cooling down during summer. It is about extending your home’s style to the outside, by making it as vibrant and luxurious as possible. The expert at Classic Marcite has a wide range of swimming pool renovation in Jacksonville FL that cater to everything between functionality and aesthetics. Our team resurfaces the pool with the most advanced materials to offer incredible looks and texture with different designs.

Types of swimming pools we remodel

We have enough years in the industry to have diversified pool remodeling in Jacksonville. We have a fair share of know-how on how to remodel both commercial and residential pools. It should not be surprising that we understand the technical differences between the above categories.

Comparison between our pool remodeling services


Commercial and residential pool service have different constructions and designs needs. The first difference is that the commercial pool has an intense process of treating water to allow heavy traffic of humans for fitness, recreation, and training among a host other activities.

The daily use of swimming pools significantly impacts the modeling style because of the different amounts of intoxication by lotions, sweat, and other bodily wastes. Therefore, the commercial pool has far more complicated equipment than the residential pool system. Luckily, you do not have to dissect the technical jargon, because we know which strategies are better for the heavy hydraulics of commercial pools.


The review process of the pool remodeling is vastly different between the residential and commercial pools. The specifications for a commercial pool are intense and lengthier than those of the residential.

There is little room to question how the commercial pool will perform after intensive remodeling because it will include many more modifications than the counterpart will. It is, however, recommendable that the residential pool owner takes the opportunity to ask our staff about the different remodeling options. The best pool remodeling in Jacksonville should be able to answer all questions regarding a residential pool renovation.


The commercial pool has a higher construction budget than the residential pool. In most cases, you will spend more per each square foot than you would for the residential pool. The primary driver for this difference is that the commercial pool may need heavy-duty materials and solutions.

Overseas pool remodeling

Our business has a name in foreign lands because we are one of the best swimming pool resurfacing companies in Jacksonville FL. Are you a homeowner who wants to update and increase the property value without compromise? Your pool should not age when our staff is readily available to travel to your location with all the right equipment to refresh the pool. Here are the signs to watch out for if we can travel to your location for inspection at a moment’s notice:

  • Leakage via the pipes, jets, skimmers, drains and lighting fixtures
  • Old coping and tiles
  • Noisy pump

The remodeling project will get into the next step when you have our best commercial and residential pool service in Jacksonville install new parts for better function and looks. Call so our experts can walk you through the consultation process and offer a free quote.


Pool Remodeling Jacksonville
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Pool Remodeling Jacksonville
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