Orlando Pool Remodeling

Orlando Pool Remodeling

Are you still excited about spending time at your pool? You may be having a dull old pool if you do not crave relaxation beside your pool. The good news is that the old-fashioned pool will be effortlessly luxurious with a few repairs and style modifications. The practical solution is to conduct renovation that adds modern designs and amenities to their primary function and appearance.

Types of pool renovations

The choice of swimming pool renovation in Orlando FL will significantly influence the continued strength and resilience. The best commercial pool repair company in Orlando can remodel your pool to give it the best significant improvements and install Orlando pool remodeling that are within an executable budget. Here is a sample of pool renovations that are executable:

  • Resurfacing the pool
  • Tiling project
  • Replacing the deck
  • Upgrade of filters
  • Winter cover installation
  • Slide installation

The pool offers years of entertainment value. It can last a long time before the lining cracks, chips, or decks. You need a renovation service that will update the pool for a much longer service. The following are some of the most exciting pool renovations available through our system.


Tiles add instant class and elegance to the pool. A glass tile install is particularly artisan and adds the right drama and style to the pool. We have a creative team that will pair the right colors to make a subtle or clear difference in the style accent.


Decking can have a wide array of materials and styles. The most common decking for most pools is cement, which is highly susceptible to stains. While cement has the most extended durability, it does not have the right traction and heat protection quality as wood. We use Diamond Brite because it has an elegant marble effect for any pool. All other decking options that will maintain a cohesive flow with your landscape while adding undeniable elegance and long-term service.

Best time to schedule pool resurfacing


The pool will fade after several years of use and exposure to sunlight. A pool with a traditional plaster surface is an accessible and affordable surface option that will last up to seven years. Our tech team will guide you on the best time to reschedule a commercial and residential pool service.


Pool stains are common and are not limited to different types, such as:

  • Rust
  • Metal impurity
  • Plant debris
  • Algae growth

The technician will clean the stains with a unique concentrated wash that prevents further staining.


The normal texture for a pool surface should be smooth. However, it will change due to the infiltration of pool chemicals and unbalanced ph that causes pitting of the surface. You will instantly know when the surface is rough because it will be almost harmful to use. The permanent fix by the best swimming pool resurfacing companies in Orlando FL, is better if you want a solution that will last longer than a regular DIY project.

Water loss

The pool will lose water due to a weak filtration system that messes the original physics. Consider a full-resurfacing service to adjust or replace worn-out pumps.

Are you ready to schedule a pool resurfacing service? Our commercial and residential pool services are reachable on (407) 521-6260|(904) 448-4150 to discuss all the details that will lift the face and function of the pool.

Orlando Pool Remodeling
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Orlando Pool Remodeling
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