Jacksonville Swimming Pool Renovation Company

Jacksonville Swimming Pool Renovation Company

Are you thinking of renovating your pool in Jacksonville, FL? If yes, we got you covered. At Classic Renovations, we understand that you need to ask lots of questions before you begin this project. This post will answer some of the most popular questions people ask on Google about Swimming pool renovation in Jacksonville, FL.

How much will it cost to renovate a swimming pool?

Most people are very interested in finding out the price of swimming pool renovation in Jacksonville. Just keep in mind that the cost will depend on several different factors. Our company believes in being as transparent as possible as we want our customers to receive the best possible outcome. Please call us today at (904) 448-4150 to schedule a time with one of our pool technicians to visit your home and provide you an idea cost of your project.

How long does it take to renovate my pool?

This question is difficult to answer because we do not know the full extent of your pool repair and renovations. If you're planning to renovate your pool and the entire backyard, it might take weeks to complete it. If you're planning to upgrade the interior finish, this is done in less than a week. Be assured that we'll make every effort to complete your project on time when we commence a project. Call Classic Renovations today for more information on time estimates.

What types of tasks can be completed in a renovation

The following are tasks that can be completed in a swimming pool renovation.

  • Resurfacing
  • Tile redesign, repair, and replacement.
  • Installation of pumps, heaters, and filters
  • New pool coping
  • Specialty features such as lighting, waterfalls, sprayers, fountains, slides, automated pool cleaners, and automated remotes 

How will I know my pool needs renovation?

Renovations your swimming pool typically revolves around re-coping, resurfacing, and updating of tiles. Many pool problems indicate it's time to remodel. Here are some of the common issues we see:

  • Chalky residue
  • Coping is damaged.
  • Plaster is cracked or discolored
  • Plaster is rough on feet 
  • Sudden drops in water level
  • Tiles are outdated, falling off, discolored, or damaged  

Is there any specific time to renovate a swimming pool?

It's easy to renovate your swimming pool at any time as long as you live in a warm climate. Renovating a swimming pool during the winter has many advantages. Pools are generally not used as much in the winter, so you could get desired scheduling time when we are not in the summer. You might end up waiting longer during the spring because most pool renovation companies are busy during this time of year.

Fall in Love with Your Pool Again

At Classic Renovations, we are Jacksonville Swimming Pool Renovation Company" href="https://classicmarcite.com/pool-resurfacing-locations/duval-county/pool-resurfacing-company-in-jacksonville-fl/">Jacksonville Swimming Pool Renovation Company and can help you remodel and renovate your swimming pools. We've been providing both commercial and residential pool service since 1988, so we've seen it all! 

If you ever have any questions about renovating your pool, please give us a call at (904) 448-4150.

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