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Bromine vs. Chlorine for Pools: What’s the Difference?

by | Jun 2, 2023

During 95-degree summer days in Orlando, there’s nothing better than taking advantage of your private backyard pool. However, getting the water temperature just right shouldn’t be your only concern, since inadequate chemical levels leave your body irritated and your health jeopardized. Rather than question the cleanliness of your pool, question bromine vs. chlorine. 

When adding chemicals to your pool, these two are popular and safe. But one may benefit you more, depending on certain factors.

Below, our team at Classic Marcite explains the differences between chlorine and bromine. For further assistance with pool resurfacing, trust our 30+ years of experience and knowledge from more than 100,000 renovation projects in Orlando, FL. 

Main Differences Between Bromine vs. Chlorine 

Below are a few key differences between bromine vs. chlorine: 

How Do Bromine and Chlorine Work?

Bromine and chlorine are effective sanitizers that eradicate bacteria in your swimming water. Chlorine does this through oxidation by capturing electrons from grime and altering the waste’s molecular structure through this chemical reaction. Bromine instead breaks the contaminant’s chemical bonds through ionization.


After chlorine oxidizes the harmful substances, it leaves behind a biofilm of chloramines, which counters the effects of the existing chlorine from there on out. That means that while chlorine has more immediate potency than bromine, it burns out faster, leaving your pool needing more frequent chemical injections. Since bromine doesn’t leave a residue, it lasts longer but works more slowly to kill bacteria. 

Dosages and Costs 

Because bromine works longer than chlorine, you’ll use less bromine over time, even though one bromine dosage doubles that of a chlorine dosage. 

For instance, one pool may use bromine dosages, each ranging from three to five parts per million, and another may use chlorine dosages ranging from one to three ppm per dose. However, you may inject the chlorine pool two to three times more often than the bromine pool, giving you more product over a longer period. 

Between bromine vs. chlorine, bromine is also slightly more expensive than chlorine, but since it may last longer it may be more worth the cost for many pool owners. 


Bromine breaks down best in warm water, making it more effective in spas and hot tubs than in cool pools, where chlorine is best. However, if your pool has a heater, bromine can work to its maximum capabilities too. 


Chlorine and bromine are both safe to use as long as you understand usage requirements, but bromine is better for sensitive skin since it’s less abrasive, causing fewer skin irritations. It also doesn’t leave a heavy-smelling residue like chlorine does, which could trigger respiratory illnesses like asthma. Bromine still has a smell that may be harder to remove than the chlorine odor. 

More Than Just Renovations!

At Classic Marcite, our experienced team is about more than renovations and resurfacing. We know pool maintenance is vital for optimal comfort and safety, so trust our Orlando, FL, company for more on bromine vs. chlorine and converting your chlorine pool (or vice versa). Call (407) 521-6260 for a free estimate today!

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